About Us

At Sharafat Consultancy, we are driven by our mission of helping businesses succeed while adhering to the highest ethical standards set forth by Islamic Law.
Our experienced team provides consultations on Shariah-compliant solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business or non-profit endeavors.
We have a deep understanding of Islamic Law and its implementation in different contexts and can help you ensure the right path is taken to fulfill your obligations. Our advice takes into account all aspects of Shariah compliance, including corporate governance, finance, investment, social responsibility, and more.
With an extensive team of experts from diverse backgrounds, including Shariah scholars, financial advisors, business process experts, consultants, Software experts and accountants, we are able to provide our clients with the best advice and solutions.

Our Vision

For achieving the pleasure of ALLAH SUBHAN WA TAALA, serve, provide, and enhance the importance of Shariah governance in all fields of life especially in commercial activities either at individual or at corporate levels.

Our Mission

With the divine guidance and in light with the Ahadees Mubaraka of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam, we strive to serve the society at all walks of life. We not only engage businesses but also corporate sector organizations to streamline their all operations in line with the teaching of Islamic jurisprudence and regulations.

Our Team


Mufti Muhammad Farhan Farooq

Mufti Muhammad Farhan Farooq

Certified Auditor, Islamic Finance Specialist, Shariah Advisor

Mufti Muhammad Farhan Farooq, a distinguished Shariah Advisor, is a registered and approved authority by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. He holds a prestigious degree of Sahahadatul Almiya Fil Uloomal Arabia Wal Islamia from "WIFAQ Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan," which holds recognition by both the "Higher Education Commission Pakistan" and the "University of Karachi" as being equivalent to an M.A in Arabic / Islamic studies.

His profound expertise in Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic laws has been further enhanced through a specialized Takhassus-Fil-Fiqh / Ph.D. equivalent certification from the renowned Islamic Institution, Jamia Darululoom Karachi. with a wealth of knowledge in Islamic Finance, Mufti Farhan is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in corporate matters, ensuring compliance with Shariah principles.

Having achieved certification in Accounting and Auditing Shariah Standards from the esteemed Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIF) through the centre for Islamic Economics, Mufti Farhan has been instrumental in leading Shariah audits for prominent banking and non-banking Islamic financial institutions. Notably, he has contributed his expertise to auditing institutions such as Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan, Bank Islami Pakistan Limited, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited (Islamic), Habib Metropolitan Bank (Islamic), Bank Alfalah (Islamic), United Bank Limited (Islamic), Allied Bank Limited (Islamic), Jubilee life and general insurance WTO, and EFU life and general insurance WTO on behalf of "KPMG Taseer hadi & Co."

Beyond his financial expertise, Mufti Farhan has been actively associated with various Halal Certification Bodies, including SGS Pakistan, where he has excelled as a lead auditor. Conducting more than 300 halal audits across diverse sectors such as Food, Slaughtering, Pharma, Biochemical, Cosmetics, and Chemical Industry, he has consistently upheld the principles of halal compliance.

Mufti Muhammad Farhan Farooq's comprehensive knowledge, unwavering commitment to Shariah principles, and extensive experience in Islamic finance make him a distinguished expert and a valuable asset to any organization seeking professional guidance and counsel.

Muhammad Hassan Ashraf Usmani

Muhammad Hassan Ashraf Usmani

Shariah Advisor

Muhammad Hassan Ashraf Usmani is a distinguished professional with extensive experience in the field of Islamic finance. With a career spanning several prominent organizations, he has played instrumental roles in shaping the compliance and Shariah aspects of various financial institutions.

As Resident Shariah Board Member & Head of Shariah Compliance at Sindh Bank Limited's Islamic Banking Division, Mr. Usmani has been at the forefront of ensuring adherence to Islamic principles in all banking practices. His responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of Shariah rulings, reviewing product proposals, and providing valuable insights during Shariah Board Meetings. He is also actively involved in providing Islamic finance training and maintaining close coordination with the State Bank Officials for approvals.

In addition to his role at Sindh Bank, Mr. Usmani has served as a Shariah Board Member for both Atlas Fund and JS Funds (Islamic Security Fund and Islamic Pension Fund). In these capacities, he has been instrumental in reviewing policies, procedures, marketing materials, investment policies, and trust deeds. His keen eye for detail has allowed him to approve various financial products while ensuring their compliance with Shariah principles.

Mr. Usmani's expertise, unwavering commitment to Islamic finance principles, and dedication to his craft make him an invaluable asset to any organization. With his extensive experience and impeccable track record, he continues to inspire and shape the Islamic finance landscape while making a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals and businesses.

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed

Shariah Advisor

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is a seasoned veteran with over seven years of hands-on Sharia compliance consultancy experience in diverse organizations, ensuring their adherence to Sharia Laws. Currently serving as the Senior Patient Welfare Officer in the Sharia Department at The Indus Hospital, Karachi, he takes charge of various responsibilities, including Sharia compliance assessment for patients, documentation for utilization of funds regarding Zakat and Donations, and providing financial aid recommendations.

In addition to his role at The Indus Hospital, Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is an esteemed Sharia Board Member at the Islamic Medical Learners Association (Patel Hospital, Karachi), where he guides all Sharia-related matters for medical practices, develops a comprehensive Sharia compliance framework, and reviews and approves various materials for conformity with Sharia principles.

He holds the position of Sharia Consultant & Advisor for the Karachi Down Syndrome Program, certifying permissible financial products through Fatwas, conducting Sharia audits, and providing guidance on the institution's social role.

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed serves as the Head of the Sharia Board at the Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation, leading the board and recommending best practices of Sharia compliance laws and policies.

His previous experiences include being the Sharia Coordinator and Patient Welfare Officer at Patel Hospital, Karachi, where he efficiently managed Zakat and Donation funds, advised on appropriate courses of action for patients, and facilitated the acquisition of help from relevant institutions or departments.

Education-wise, he holds an MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance, a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Takaful, as well as Takkhassus and Shahadat-E-Almia qualifications from renowned institutions in Karachi.

With an impressive track record and a profound understanding of Sharia compliance, Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to align their practices with Sharia Laws.