Muhammad Hassan Ashraf Usmani

Shariah Advisor

Muhammad Hassan Ashraf Usmani is a distinguished professional with extensive experience in the field of Islamic finance. With a career spanning several prominent organizations, he has played instrumental roles in shaping the compliance and Shariah aspects of various financial institutions.

As Resident Shariah Board Member & Head of Shariah Compliance at Sindh Bank Limited's Islamic Banking Division, Mr. Usmani has been at the forefront of ensuring adherence to Islamic principles in all banking practices. His responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of Shariah rulings, reviewing product proposals, and providing valuable insights during Shariah Board Meetings. He is also actively involved in providing Islamic finance training and maintaining close coordination with the State Bank Officials for approvals.

In addition to his role at Sindh Bank, Mr. Usmani has served as a Shariah Board Member for both Atlas Fund and JS Funds (Islamic Security Fund and Islamic Pension Fund). In these capacities, he has been instrumental in reviewing policies, procedures, marketing materials, investment policies, and trust deeds. His keen eye for detail has allowed him to approve various financial products while ensuring their compliance with Shariah principles.

Mr. Usmani's expertise, unwavering commitment to Islamic finance principles, and dedication to his craft make him an invaluable asset to any organization. With his extensive experience and impeccable track record, he continues to inspire and shape the Islamic finance landscape while making a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals and businesses.