Muhammad Sohaib Jawed

Shariah Advisor

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is a seasoned veteran with over seven years of hands-on Sharia compliance consultancy experience in diverse organizations, ensuring their adherence to Sharia Laws. Currently serving as the Senior Patient Welfare Officer in the Sharia Department at The Indus Hospital, Karachi, he takes charge of various responsibilities, including Sharia compliance assessment for patients, documentation for utilization of funds regarding Zakat and Donations, and providing financial aid recommendations.

In addition to his role at The Indus Hospital, Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is an esteemed Sharia Board Member at the Islamic Medical Learners Association (Patel Hospital, Karachi), where he guides all Sharia-related matters for medical practices, develops a comprehensive Sharia compliance framework, and reviews and approves various materials for conformity with Sharia principles.

He holds the position of Sharia Consultant & Advisor for the Karachi Down Syndrome Program, certifying permissible financial products through Fatwas, conducting Sharia audits, and providing guidance on the institution's social role.

Muhammad Sohaib Jawed serves as the Head of the Sharia Board at the Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation, leading the board and recommending best practices of Sharia compliance laws and policies.

His previous experiences include being the Sharia Coordinator and Patient Welfare Officer at Patel Hospital, Karachi, where he efficiently managed Zakat and Donation funds, advised on appropriate courses of action for patients, and facilitated the acquisition of help from relevant institutions or departments.

Education-wise, he holds an MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance, a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Takaful, as well as Takkhassus and Shahadat-E-Almia qualifications from renowned institutions in Karachi.

With an impressive track record and a profound understanding of Sharia compliance, Muhammad Sohaib Jawed is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to align their practices with Sharia Laws.